Dating ibanez

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This is true from a player’s point of view, but it is not always true from a collector’s point of view.

I sold that to a band mate in 1968 for what today is equal to 500$, because he was a better lead player than I was!! I have just sold my 1966 Gibson ES 345 and my original 1958 les Paul junior.

The vessel surfaced shortly before its disappearance to report a short circuit in its batteries, according to naval commander Gabriel Galeazzi.

It was told to return immediately to the naval base.

I have noticed, that in the last year prices have gone up a lot.

A year ago on E-bay you could easily buy a plaintop 1983-85 RLG 50 for 350-400 $, today they sell for 700-800 $ and if you want to by one from a dealer in Europe, You will have to pay 800-900 $.

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